Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Love old post cards and letters that have been beautifully hand-written with gentle care and love... With our modern day emails we are truly loosing a lovely statement of times past.....I use my email service several times a day and find it a real time saver ..but when I really want to indulge and enjoy my time ... it is receiving or sending a lovely written note or letter just stating I'm thinking of you... There is a calmness about reading and writting... In my times... as I am in my senior years... it was a ritual of keeping in touch and having the pleasures of thoughts and daydreams.
Beautiful writings stimulate the imagination of the mind. A letter received or sent can enhance moments of your day. It is something to hold when received and like sending a ship out to sail when being sent. Sacred space...sacred time... we do our best thinking when we are alone... Take time for yourself and to share with another.......

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The Feathered Nest said...

You are so right Marietta! I love the beautiful penmanship that people were so very proud of too ~ To see a beautifully handwritten letter is to see a piece of art to me...xxoo, Dawn