Friday, April 11, 2008

Shabby China Dishes Water Fountain

I was able to get my shabby ...chipped...china water fountain....placed outside on my deck in between the rains we have been recieving the past couple days. I have used a couple of these outside the past couple years..another great use for some china with endurance but maybe not the perfect piece on display. This fountain base is just a old dish pan... a flower pot inverted up side down with a hole in center to feed the tube from the fish tank pump or very small pump through..... Fill with lids.. plates ..cups.. whatever you may have or find... This little charmer just makes a trinkle water sound which I love... Remember girls I am retired and don't wat to be running in the house all the time cause of the sound of water... Yep.. it really happens.........I do have a small little fountain I usually have setting in my kitchen but I never placed it back after my Christmas decorating... I may wait till fall and maybe work it back in with Christmas this year as I have enough water with the pool soon to be opening in the back yard in a few weeks. Our pool has been here for about 27 years and not nearly as beautiful as the new ones but we still enjoy it and the grandkids love it... Living in the country you cannot have it ready to swim in much before Memorial Day for the simple reason its a might bit CHILLY and we have to wait till the trees shead their buds and get established for summer fun. And then there are the summer rain storms that seem to come every year and like to undo everything you get in place. Its expected..... Will try to remember to ost the other fountains as I get them in use...... They are fun and of course they suit my very tight budget for decorating.... A fountain like this could be made for as little as 25.00 or if you want better dishes the price would be more. I had alittle less than $25.00 in mine. What a deal ...... Another thought is I am connecting the garden theme with the broken china in the garden areas with the fountains. The designer in me wants to make at least one object tie in with another although I truly love the mix and match...... I am not a Matchie.. matchie person... which is good as my budget wouldn't allow that.... but I do like to link a item or two together.. Just may personal style.. does make it right or wrong.. its what you love... surround yourself in it........

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