Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Glass cloches and jars are like conservatories for our loved objects... I display a array of treasures in room setting.. It gives the feel of charming Victorian-era cottage which is what I try to achieve in my home... Cloches and jars can also display found objects from our woods and beaches. They are just a awesome way to change displays for all loves and seasons.... I have shown you several different ones in my home.... I change them out quite often and for alot of different days.The cloches can be more expensive of a display compared to the jars... I always have my eyes wide open for jars and vintage cheese savers.... I marry the glass tops with a stemmed cake plate or candy dish and discard the old wooden or not so nice bottom that usually comes with the glass top. I have picked these up for 50 cents to a dollar quite often... At Christmas time I turned a large gallon olive jar upside down on a lovely pink rose antique cake plate and tucked a sweet pink Santa in it... It costs nothing{ well.we did eat all the olives} so you can achieve this same look at a very little expense..... I think I may have mentioned Clyde in one of my earlier post.... He is my little wooden butler { the guy holding the sweet sugar cubes}.. he just stands and acts dumb.. Then he's married to Erma {my dishwasher} who only works about twice a week. They make quite a pair..... Seriously... if you haven't yet tried jars and cloches..... do... they are great to work with... holding all from aged elements to jewels....nothing has to be expensive or who cares where it came from as long as it has style.....

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