Monday, May 12, 2008


Thought I would share some more use for brooches with you. I think I have a brooch on close to every pillow I have. ... The top picture was a pillow purchased on ebay and I simply added the brooch. It has chenille ..antique doilys and a piece of vintage material with pink roses....
The picture below was one I made with the use of a lace valance I purchased at thrift shop for 1.00. I cut in in half the length for both end and didn't even have to hem.. The pink roses material is from a vintage sheet... a vintage hankie and a wonderful pink rhinestone brooch.. Infact both pillows have pink rhinestone brooches. This pillow has a great look but it was very simple to complete. I have more I want to make but I love to sit on the deck and sew and enjoy the outside instead of being inside.
The pillows have all the romance of being a woman...I love to immerse myself in it. Some ladies like to doing more manly things... good for you..but for me I still want to be treated like a woman... and indulge in all the pamper we can.... Do you think my age is showing??????
I read Dawn's lovely blog and her wonderful Mother's Day and saw all her pretty finds... especially her wonderful rhinestone jewelry... I love her sincere blog .. The Feathered Nest... she gives me inspiration......
I also had a very nice Mother's Day and a visit from my sons and later this week meeting with my daughter....... Tom's daughter also came for a visit and a gift from his other daughter ... How nice.....


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Marietta, you a so very sweet!!! Thank you for your kind words about my blog....Marietta, these pillows are GORGEOUS! What a wonderful idea to use the valance as the ruffled ends! I too love the brooches on pillows. I've been wanting to create some small pillows just for this reason! Small beautiful pillows just for pins that can serve as a decorative piece in the bedroom...thank you for more inspiration!! These two are just beautiful ~ have a wonderful day! xxoo, Dawn

Myrna said...

Love,LOVE the pillows! Darling idea with the brooches..a great way to display a collection! Thanks for the idea.
I, too, love the 'romantic'life and am so glad to find others like yourself that feel the same!
BTW is it okay with you if I put you in my 'favorites' list on my blog?
And thank you for your encouraging comments--they mean a lot to me!