Friday, May 16, 2008


One of the pleasures of flea markets and antique shoppes is finding just the right little forlorn object that is begging you to take it home. Most often the object may not be absolutely perfect.. Actually we have to realize it is most likely with a antique or vintage item it may not be in perfect condition. If it is most likely it is not going to be a find. It is easy to pay top dollar for something but I like the rummage.....
Yesterday afternoon I traveled to Bryan, Ohio and enjoyed a short visit and lunch with my daughter, Starla and her husband. When in Bryan there is a sweet little shoppe I like to frequent. I have shared a couple pictures of a few finds. Also a couple items for ebay. The very nice lady who owns the shop always packages all your purchases with great care.. tissues, wire sheer ribbon.. my buttons even came home in seperate little mesh gift bags... Every thing she does shouts "COME BACK SOON" and I appreciate someone to care about their business and you to take the extra time ..... When I arrived home I placed the lovely SILK roses on my dining room table with the thought of I vase them this morning... Have photo above. Well... Tom came home after his long day at the golf course.. then said "OH YOU GOT ROSES". I said 'YES, they are silk"... He came back and said "NO there's not".. I said "YES they are". He walked back over picked them up and said "NO there not".. Back at him "YES , they are... Let me tell you ladies about this time I was ready to POP him in the head so he WISHED he'd had a V8 ... Seriously the pink roses are nice quality water stems and they seriously even by touch really fool the eye... If they were placed with fresh greens I would even be deceived....

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Myrna said...

Wow! Those roses DO look real! Cute story about your sweetie!! ;-D
Your home is so warm, welcoming and beautiful! Thanks for sharing your latest finds..
Have a wonderful day!