Tuesday, May 13, 2008


As many homes across the country, nature's reappearing act inspires us to refresh our surroundings. Open curtains,windows, let the sun shine and breeze into our rooms. Urges to replace our pillows and covers into something lighter.

We celebrate summer in simple ways with casual gatherings on porches..decks.. and yards... Meals built around fresh ingredients... Summer just says " Come out and play"

Love to have a friend or two over for lunch and gentle gossip... it can be as simple as a sweet decorated little brown bag filled with a tea sandwich...served with some fresh berries and a dessert as simple as a cookie with a wonderful sweetened ice tea... This can all be done in a half hour.. Have more time.. pamper greater.... The offering of sharing with others is what is really what it is all about. At any gathering ..large or small .. be thankful for the sharing of yourself and others. It still is one of our greater gifts in life... Then later...as evening approches.. what better time to remember your lovely day and enjoy the twinkling stars.. and give thanks again in a whole new light....

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Myrna said...

OH! I want to come to tea at your house!! Let me hop into my private jet and fly out. Oh, wait, I don't have a jet, private or otherwise!!
So I'll just have myself a cup of tea and dream I'm there...
You write beautifully, puts me in a gentle mood!!