Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I purchased this wonderful book on ebay from one of my favorite sellers a year or so ago and have tryed some ideas similar to some featured in it. I also still find myself on the look out for a few other items to try but it takes some time to find just the right object most of the time.....
I did get a mirror and a picture frame glued to it and a pair of vintage earrings I removed the backs on and also glued them .. I like the finished produce.... Would love to find just the right old shaving mirror and complete a smaller version. I also added a simple vintage clip earring by clipping it onto the frame as you can see in one of the pictures.... The one of a kind things you can find to do with vintage brooches and jewelry is only as small as your imagination. PS> Have you ever tryed to take a picture of a mirror???? First my whole body was in it was like step aside.....then when the flash went off ..then came the big blurr..... laid it down ... then there was the ceiling fan.... so please... forgive.. I know they are not the best photos but I really tried.

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Myrna said...

Oh my goodness! What a beautiful blog and so full of wonderfully displayed treasures! We have similar tastes--'twas fun scrolling thru your posts. Thanks for the kind words and looking forward to becoming friends!And thanks for visiting me at Heirlooms!
Blessings to you,