Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Antique Light Fixtures { New Life}

I have purchased several light fixtures at antique shops or sales and just made them have a new life .... They are so adaptable... The large holder of votives was made into a setting holder with the addition of gluing just everyday votive glass holders onto fixture..... I love using this for gatherings... At Christmas I snipped some pine and tucked around and under and added pink roses and glittered cones from my yard and set the food all at different elevations around it. The setting was lovely with little cost.

The second holder I use in different ways. Teacups set securely on top and I place candles in the cups... I also have use it with a teacup and a saucer on top and just another saucer alone to make elevation level different and added chocolates and other candies for serving. I have sold several on ebay but have held onto these two as they work for different occasions for me.. I find these little treasures are worth having especially of you don't like serving and using ho hum everyday items in your home and I know alot of you out there love the use of vintage......

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The Feathered Nest said...

I love these Marietta!! I love it when you repurpose these old them a new life as they are too wonderful to toss away ~ xxoo, Dawn