Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dreams of VINTAGE

Pieces of vintage clothing define and restore memories of things past.... and add the stamp of the dreams of vintage and deepening your appreciation of elements and glamor of the past. I feel we are letting the workmanship and beauty of special warmth and feelings get away from us ... creating a colder world for us to live in... Caring of the person and wondering the live this person lived creates SPECIAL feeling and love for the item. I do display victorian and vintage clothing in different areas of my home.. The picture and this lovely white antique dress meets the eye as you walk through my front entry. Choosing wonderful items you love helps you create our own style and romantic backdrop for your setting... The vintage textiles look and feel much more romantic with the test of time and natural aging. It creates in my eyes the warmth that a modern setting cannot complete. I realize this is not for all but it completes the mood for my taste....

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