Sunday, June 22, 2008

Unusual Find

I felt I was very fortunate to find this old hat box with my first name on it.. I found and bid on it on ebay and really didn't have to give all that much for it.... Being my name is not so very common ..... I was named after my two grandmother's. My father's mother was Mary and my mother's mother was Etta so mom dropped the y and added a I and I am Marietta..... I have a few old hat boxes and find them harder to find... I should try to find some and store some of my altered art in them but I just can't put much more into this house without ridding of others.... I still love old hats and boxes.... but have not purchased too many more as of lately.... Thought I would share with you as some of you may enjoy old hats and boxes....I do use them alot at Christmas. I have one of my Christmas trees in a old hat box instead of using tree skirt.. It is a square one that I just cut open the lid from the back and made a hole in the center of the box....placed the tree in ....this is a 4" tree with the metal platform bottom...slipped the lid on carefully throught the slit and use it every year.... I just store it that way.....

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Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Love the hat you found with your name on it. I think I have at least one hat with that label on it. I have to find it and send you a picture. Great find!