Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Christmas Tree Theme

Good morning.... I have started on another theme for a small Christmas tree and garland in my main bath room.... It is going to be a antique corset theme..... I will be hunting for a antique corset and a garter ...... I have a great vintage box with hose in that will work under the small tree. I have my images ready to work with and will just add some items on tree that would add to this look... a great old piece of undergarment lace ... some old hosiery clips added on a tag... I am just starting to think about this..... I always have all my themes ready and working on them as I was in the floral industry and always setting the store for Christmas by 3 week in October.... Old habits are hard to break... I change things around every year as I previously stated but still add in my best of the best favorites....... Got any great ideas... give me a comment..... As you can tell I do not do the traditional Christmas only on my main tree and it has gotten way smaller as I like many small trees with different themes... I have changed my thought process with aging and find a smaller tree... I think I usually have about 7 throughout the house with little antique finds to set the mood....

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