Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brief Break

Good morning... I just wanted to post a note and tell you all I am going to take a brief couple day break from posting.... I have a couple projects that must be completed for others and I have some preserving to take care of from the garden and seems many others needs have creeped up on me and I am feeling overwhelmed and I don't care for that feeling..... I will be reading your blogs in the evenings however and will be back in a couple days to my own blog...... I am off to clean up the mess in the yard.... The coon have destroyed our lovely stand of early sweet corn ... we are trying to save the second batch but think it is in vain.... I just came in from the garden as I am working on freezer pickles right this hour... and not only are the coon feasting I just see the next batch is also invested with beatles..... I don't think I will be freezing our winter supply this year... Puts me in a bummer.....Ya all take care....

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Myrna said...

Well,you just take a break as long as you need--you are setting a good example for the rest of us!!
I love your tales of midwest living--trying to incorporate a little of that here in California.
Freezer pickles? Never heard of them! I've canned dill pickles with my mom-in-law--soooo good! But alotta work.
Sometime, could you post the recipe? Sounds like they may be easier to make...
Take care!