Monday, July 21, 2008


Yesterday morning we had a breakfast and alot of conversation with Tom's sisters and Aunt... We share many moments of happiness with them quite often... The picture above Tom was showing them how to play cards on the computer....Next weekend we will be joining them as Sister Rose Maria celebrates her 65th Jubilee of Profession with the Sisters Of Notre Dame...We will be enjoying a dinner for immediate family and then attend a special Mass at Gesu Church In Toledo....Sister Rose Maria came back from years of being in Rome...she has shared many stories with us about being in Rome... Her life has slowed as life has progressed but she still remains very active... I so enjoy talking and learning about their lives....Oh yes... they learn a few things about ours also... GULP...

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Myrna said...

Boy! You've had a whirlwind of activity it seems for the last two weeks!
Sounds like you had a nice visit with the sisters--how'd they like their gifts you made them?