Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Antique Beaded Purses

I snapped a couple more pictures of a couple of my purses I have hanging on my living room wall of my beaded purses.... This is 2 of 5 I have on one wall. Not too many of my purses are in museum quality as I could not afford them .... Most of mine have there own personality and are loosing beads and have imperfections but I love them anyway.... The black beaded is a vintage but the gold one with bead loss is a steel beaded {I was told at antique shop} and very heavy and older.... Thought you would enjoy as I have a couple friends that love purses and also collect them..... Seems these days I fall in love with anything that with stands the test of time.. Maybe I admire the test of time as I age and tend to struggle a bit myself.....Thats the truth.... Arthur is visiting the elbow and wrist today... LOL

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