Monday, August 11, 2008

Changing Out Picture Frames For Fall

I believe you can make your very own treasure with pennies for cost... I have just started changing out my frames for more of a fall look and will leave them on display till spring then change out again... I achieve this by the use of old post card images or photos .... small addition of ribbons or a button or brooch or two.. So sweet and so simple... If you like it more over done feel free to step out of the box....I love all mixed objects displayed on my walls and totally realize this is not for everyone... I don't know the word simplify when it comes to design.. I like that word when it comes to everyday life however... To try to keep it simple and not all stressed out... No more over loads.. I don't handle them well these days... To me chipped and peeling adds the feeling of glamour when added to a vintage home....Oh my lace and grace my nice friends.. we can't get enough of them.... I have also started to change all my table cloths and scarfs and pillows over for winter... I think our unusal dry weather has got me going on my favorite time of the year... The bottom picture shows the age and crust that came off the back of these picture frames. I had purchased them this summer knowing I was going to change them out.. I loved the shape and size of the two frames for 3.00 both... I have shown the finished very simple with lady images and a tuck of some french ribbon in deep colors.... The other two were basically done the same for just a closing cost of a couple bucks... WARM TREASURES... TRUE BLISS....


Myrna said...

I love it!! So soft, warm, and romantic! Love the little touches you added--so sweet!
Getting ready for fall already?? I usually go for it in September--and all my friends think THAT'S early!! ;-)
I agree with your thoughts on simplicity--love the lifestyle but can't do it when it comes to decor.I've embraced the 'more is more' side of my personality!! :-D
Have a great day!!

Mary said...

Hello, I found your blog from Myrna, the commenter above, and I am going to happily go thru all your archives. Love your taste in old things and share your love of muted colors. Bright colors are just not me. I have an organ stool just like the one of yours pictured in a May post. Mine is painted a taupe color. I am so happy to have found your blog. Love your style!!

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