Friday, August 22, 2008

Indulging In Vintage

Oh my... I was so tempted with all the lovely objects I viewed and enjoyed yesterday on my trip to visit an old friend.... Her name is Barb and she has been managing a sweet little shoppe in Blissfield, Michigan called PATINA... they are a new business ... I personally thought the shoppe was lovely and their prices are very affordable..[Look what I went and did on a budget.. well ok I blew my budget} I haven't unwrapped the treasures yet ... Notice how lovely the treasures were wrapped for travel... Just a wonderful extra touch that makes you want to visit again.. I plan on making a trip up again as soon as they are set for Christmas.... Blissfield has a number of Antique shoppes and rather a quaint town.. I enjoyed myself very much.. It was a pampering trip for me.. I don't know what it is about some of us... You can ask me to shop for clothes and I'm not interested but mention a fine antique shop [for looking only} or junk hunting... OH MY ... I'm right there.... I hope to take some pictures later today or tonight of my treasures so please check back... I am off to clean my house as today is not a pamper day... We haven't received rain yet and we are all dust ... dirt and wind ... very hard to keep a nice home.....Oh well... chin up and count my blessings and when I do ..."Life is Good"

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Mary said...

Hello Marietta,

I am anxious to see what treasures you found. They are wrapped so pretty. I loved the view in the picture background also. You have some lovely purses.