Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Beginnings... Romantic

I am taking a morning to myself...not planned but it worked out. Tom went to the golf course at 7:00 this morning and played 9 holes and just called now at 11:00 and said he was going to stay and play in a all day outing with a foursome team... so I have the day to myself to make new beginnings for my objects from my Blissfield trip... I just finished a fireplace mantel redo for fall ... I have made new friends of my old vintage candy boxes and my new glass cloche and my wonderful old druggist jar... You may notice old book print in allot of my fall redo. I will be adding much more as this theme will go on into Christmas. My images and tags and ideas will all have aged book print worked in. It is my way of matching the carmels and browns together and making things work all for under 5.00. I purchased a couple 50 cent old books and crumple stain.. burning.. whatever it takes to age... The lovely glass cloche purchased at PATINA in Blissfield has a vintage candy box and book page seltzer I cut... The druggist jar also has a vintage image of a lady in corset with print .. a tag and the cut book grass or seltzer.... I hope you like my new fall look .. I am sitting in the living area looking at it as I am on my laptop doing this post.. I have to look at things I do for a period of time and make changes if needed... The balance isn't perfect but I like it so I think I will just be happy with it....

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kathy said...

Oh i love your vignettes -- I have several cloches -- You inspire me - I love the shreadded text and the vintage ladies -- wonderful - hmmm somewhere I have
some old advertising ads also -- These are wonderful -- Glad you had time to play -- Kathy - GA