Sunday, August 3, 2008

Old Purses

Another weakness ... among many ... I love old purses... I have many Victorian beaded and vintage and love to display them in vignettes.... I have not bought only 2 since I retired as the money for extra spending is not as plentiful.... I am showing you some of my black ones that are more vintage and not as old as some I have but they are still some I love.... I am hoping my daughter will love a few of them someday as she ages but right now I think she would feel they could go to dumpster heaven.... I have placed a note inside each purse of what I feel their value is.... I hope the kids find the notes.. they may be pleasantly surprised at their mother's passion for old things... Could buy a goodie or two..... I know there are alot of other ladies out there that enjoy and collect beaded purses....{ I think I have ran into you on ebay... OUCH!!!! LOL}

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vikki said...

what sweet purses! i love the beaded ones & the carved handle on the ivory colored one. i am in awe of the finery of those days. my great aunt & grama called them 'pocketbooks'. i love the sweet little ones. i have a couple that look like linked chains that are colored to form a beautiful design. the workmanship is gorgeous. hugs & blessings, vikki ♥