Friday, August 22, 2008

Treasures from Blissfield

I have shared some photos of some of the treasures I purchased at a lovely vintage and shabby shoppe called PATINA located in Blissfield , Michigan while visiting my friend, Barb , yesterday. I also purchased a lovely glass cloche ... that I will share with you when I get it in place in my home.. These objects all have a plan on how I am going to display them.... I will share that with you in the next couple days... The loving cup ... probably my second favorite purchase I will transform by tomorrow... I had bid many times on ebay to buy a Silver Loving Cup and couldn't hold the bid. They went for far more than I was willing to spend.. This one is not as old as some I had bid on in the past but it had the shape I wished for and has been engraved and I did purchase it for 30.00.. That was a small portion of others I have bid on and it is going to be perfect for my fall into Christmas display I am planning so I was a proud peacock when I saw it... It was the first to go on the checkout counter... I found the Antique Jar and I think it to be my favorite... The original label had been shoved in the lid.. I do not know allot about this bottle but the label says SIMON RAU and Co. Druggists Bethlehem,Penn. and some script hand writting.. The glass has a slight tint to it like a smoke or a skin color. Hard to describe... I paid 24.00 for it and I now know after seeing the label and enlarging it to read it ... I think I made a special deal... They had another and I should have bought it also. I do have a plan for this also and I am sure I will display in different ways.... If anyone can give me more info on bottle I would love to know more. I may try to search on Internet to gain knowledge.
I also purchased the lovely creme color crepe - like scarf with fringe in excellent condition... I use scarfs everywhere in vignettes... 10.00 .... A vintage white shabby platter with a silver knife handle attached with a small opening for a bud .. I had a feather I just tucked in to show you the platter.. I have some hopps growing out in my yard and the hopps are just starting to come on and I plan on using a twig of the dried hopps in the handle as soon as available. I hope to make a matching little wreath and just some of the vines for decorating also. I thought the platter was a cute idea.. The knife handle has been added to the platter by gluing buttons onto the platter and the handle for spacing and worked quite well... 17.00... I showed some sheet music I will frame and do altered art with.... I had a lovely time and am well pleased with the items I was able to find to use with my change over for fall.. I just didn't stay with my budget but I will be able to stay within 125.00...... Hope you enjoyed my sharing......

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The Feathered Nest said...

Yummmmm, beautiful goodies Marietta!!! Sounds like a wonderful place to shop to me! Don't you just love it when you come upon the thing you've been looking and looking for?? Your home is rich with character and vintage romance...I love seeing your photos. Have a wonderful weekend! xxoo, Dawn