Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Collections and Oddities

When you shop at flea markets and antique shops you are on your own, without help that comes with mass produced items... There are no illustrations on the packages to help you in displaying them.. and where to put them... When at a flea market your own taste in what you love is your guide. To me this is the love of it all. you are going to have something you love that is special in your own home. This is when you need to let your imagination take you out of the box... allowing yourself to be open to different possibilities.... You may possibility find a loved object that maybe damaged and not able to perform it's original use... a crack or a lost or damaged lid.... Think of a different way this item could be displayed..... This is when you need to define your taste and develop your eye for unusual finds... I often love the challenge of what I can take the object I love one step further and make it different from what you would fine in another home.. I have posted I love old purses in earlier post... I am always changing them in different areas and using them in different vignettes... I have several just hanging ... some that have more timeworn on them I usually shy away from stuffing with different objects... The vintage ones have more stability to them I can cram them full of other flea market or antique finds... The vintage ivory one featured I just placed a bunch of loved objects in this morning and it hangs in my dining area... This one has a old photo of a handsome man...a lovely perfume bottle... a silver compact... old pearls and hat pins .... { I did stuff the bottom with tissue paper to help hold the items up for display... Other wise the weight of the objects falls toward the bottom....} Have a old purse??? Go have some fun today and fill it with some unique goodies you have laying around the house... Some vintage purses have the shape that you can set them upright and display out of the top.... This is a project that less is not more....

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KatCollects said...

Love the sweet purse and your idea of putting things in it. I have 2 small vintage purses I display on my wall and keep thinking they need something. I love the idea of an old photograph in them, thank you!