Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Inspirations Of Gatherings

Gatherings of Inspiration on boards is also a great way to keep them handy and have some vintage art..... The first picture frame that is ever changing with snippets and little findings for further projects.... The collar I had on this board is now featured on my cardboard dress form of a earlier post.... I love the use of vintage women's buckles... I have shown three other pictures that are in my wonderful book " VINTAGE TREASURES " If you ever get a chance to pick up this book ....I think you will love it... I have use it for inspiration for many projects around my home and have plans on a few more I would like to do for Christmas....Vintage is defined as " of high quality, especially from the past" So many of us are showing a appreciation of objects of the past.... Once we see how vintage can be put to use...in a total different way.... it become an addiction....A mementos board or frame would be great to enjoy in a work room also....A search of vintage treasures can be personal taste......Beautiful buttons, buckles, and jewelry, and pretty fragments of ribbons, laces, and fabric, take inspiration from little treasures of the past.....With these we can create exquisite decorations, gifts, and keepsakes.....

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kathy said...

I Love all your vignettes , your
inspiration boards are wonderful - I also loved the napkin ring idea -- I truly am a tagaholic and love to see those you make -Delightful
Kathy - GA