Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Touch of French

I just had a package arrive this morning from a ebay auction I had won quite awhile ago. I plan on using allot of old print and images for my Christmas decoration... I found these on ebay and they did say they had been used but I see no sign of that what so ever... They are as fresh and lovely as new... I was thrilled to find them... I have seen the french writing fabric for several years now and always was attracted to it but when I did find some in a fabric store found it to be quite expensive. I got all these items and didn't have to sew.... Sew Simple. The fringe on the pillows also worked as I accent with allot of antique and vintage objects that are black.... I just throw everything I love all together and it seems to work for me... For a perfectionist this would not be ideal I am sure.... I do not fit in that category but I am a detail person.... I look for all the little bit of extra in case you haven't figured that out already on my postings on my blog... Just wanted to share....

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