Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aged Book Page Cones

I just came up from the recreation room from creating these 4 aged book page cones... They are approximately 15" long and have tissue pattern flowers with a bone button and crinkle bias ribbon in the center... A little attached flapper tag with a little rhinestone brooch... I will be adding these to my dining area 4 chairs by .... I had been thinking of tea-staining cheesecloth from securing them onto the chairs but may be able to use the pattern tissue.. I did cut a couple strips the size of number 40 ribbon and it seemed to tie fine around the spindle... If I can be successful with this it would save purchasing the cheese-cloth and tea-staining... The cones will be stuffed with some tissue in the bottom area and the top couple inches filled with candies.... I did some cones one other year at easter and oh my gosh you should have seen the grandkids eyes when they spotted the candy in there... Another kid... a old one..{Tom} is equally as bad as he goes to the rec. room the candy is on the way... Needless to say one had to be filled all the time.....I am trying very hard to have a different but same look this Christmas... all in the same tone and all having a aged book print .... I love the color and sure is easy to work with.... I will be lucky to have $10.00 in all my home-created ornaments.... The cones I just made have some vintage crepe-paper and ribbons I purchased from Polly


The Feathered Nest said...

Marietta, these are GORGEOUS!! I love them...so very much my style...thank you for your sweet words about my angel, too ~ you are so kind...I love the image, thank you so much!! xxoo, Dawn

Sandi said...

These are so pretty Marietta! Aren't cones fun to make. Thank you also for your kind words on your purchase from me. I am glad it went to a good home.

I was in Defiance yesterday and got some old lace and old ribbon at A-1 Furniture along with a few other goodies. It makes it even better that everything is 30% off now. How fun!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi sandi... I also have been there a couple times.. She is a nice friend to me.... I will miss them but wish them luck on their retirement. They are going to do some flea markets and sell things however to keep their passion going... I look at all the junk they have upstairs and don't know how they will ever get it out of there... YIKES.