Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh My Gosh... This image is SO SWEET

Does this little girl appear to have a very special event she is about to enjoy ??? I miss the sweetness of times past...There is a different feel to every event being so special ... it seems in our modern day we do not realize the excitement of special moments.. They just seem to be looked over and expected... Maybe it is my becoming on the top shelf with age but I truly believe our younger children just expect it all and totally miss out on what was a treat years ago... Have we just given too much luxury and not enough of ourselves??????? The state our country is enduring right now seems to be telling us that..... It is so nice to look and relax and remember when everything was a slower pace and Sundays were spent with families sharing love... time ... and food..This precious photo shows happiness and excitement and the clothing was very special.... The big old bow ...placed so perfect ...


Alice W. said...

I agree and am so with you in wishing we could get back those traditional values in our lives today. My hope is to try when I have children of my own one day...

That little girl is so sweet...great image!!!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

My Mum who does'nt comment on the raising of her Grandchildren,
Gave me the biggest compliment when she said
'YOU have inadvertently raised three little ones that are grateful for small things"
Wow,I felt so glad and happy that people see that in my littlies.
My kids are happy to get new shoes,A cupcake,or even a play at a park whilst out doing errands.
Mabey mine are the last of a dying breed!lol!

Sandi said...

Oh Marietta... I hear you loud and clear. I have said for some time that the younger children want right now what took us years to accumulate. So sad as they are missing out on what it really means to save for something special and have that wonderful feeling of accomplishment. My two cents worth for the day! :)
Have a beautiful Wednesday!