Sunday, October 12, 2008

Setting The Props

The props are set....First I slipped the tree into a small suitcase to act as my tree skirt. Then I trailed a lovely old net slip.. very aged around the bottom of the tree also. Added a beaded fragment{just lovely purchased from a high end antique shop} into the branches of the tree. Then I added a stained-look antique net bidal veil with a rhinestone brooch,from the early 1900's softly through the branches. Secured a tilted hat box in under tree... Added my lamp with a beaded and crystal shade. Slipped 1920's wedding shoes in at a angle under tree with aged lovely beads and aged tissue... A glass cloche on a crystal stemmed piece with a vintage aged cake topped is added and another glass candy dish filled with a vintage image and antique buttons... Yet another glass vintage dish open to view a lovely collections of antique and vintage buttons { alot of rhinestone beauties}... The props are in... let the decorating begin..... to be continued.........

1 comment:

Myrna said...

Oh Marietta! So far it's breathtaking and I know you haven't even finished yet! It's SO romantic and nostalgic--I love it!
Do you have Christmas music playing while you're creating??
Looking forward to more...