Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mistletoe Village

As evening is approaching I will be lighting my Sparkling Mistletoe Christmas Village... I am always so glad when this project is completed... Only 15 houses strong for me it is a electrical nightmare.... I love viewing it however and it is a a instant land of imagination for the grand kids.... The youngest grandchild was here two days ago and he stood and looked and muttered..." I wisheded we hada this at our house " in his little not so plain voice... I told him that was the reason we had it here... so he can enjoy it when he visits... That seemed to be the perfect answer....The village is hard to capture in photos.... It completely covers a 5 window bay window... Covered with a ivory baton... tucked with many trees and covered with mica for sparkle it is just rather magicial.....


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Marietta!

Your village is beautiful! I love villages, my DIL has one, and I so enjoy just sitting and looking at them, especially when lit.

I also love the cloche with the darling dolls in it!! Just adorable! Gosh would I love to visit your house at the holidays!! Could we adopt each other?? Please??

Big hugs, Sherry

miss gracies house said...

love all of your touches...I soo hear ya about it being different every year! I'll be checking back often for updates:)

kathy said...

Your village is delightful --
Your time and effort also gives much delight to our eyes also
Kathy - ga