Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh My.. I need To Think About Turkey Day

I have been so involved with the paper doll ornaments and just doing every day things I haven't been able to do much blogging... I have read some of my favorites in the evening hours...... My gosh... I need to think about a menu for Turkey day.... I have lost focus on first things first.... I only want to make paper dolls through the first week of December for Ebay so I am pushing hard.... I want to enjoy the couple weeks before Christmas with baking and just enjoying the moments... I worked the floral industry and decorating homes for years I don't want to feel that pressure anymore.... I don't think I will be serving turkey this year... I am thinking of a pork loin and prime rib instead.....then all the same trimmings as serving turkey... I will have to get my pencil and paper and start the grocery list......Are all you gals ready out there?????


kathy said...

Marietta , No not ready here --
just realized from my family -- no one is really crazy about turkey but me lol -- chikldren are all grown - so like you -We are haviogn a HONEY BAKED HAm - the best !!-and all the fixin's - Yes i too have gotten behind with my swap things --so now gotta focus - Turkey day is coming
kathy - ga

Lady Laurie said...

I came across your blog and fell in love. I am blown away by your decorating style. Your paper doll ornaments are stunning. Did I mention I love your blog:)

As for Thanksgiving, eat what you like ~ I love the idea of ham.