Thursday, November 6, 2008

Skating Into The Holidays

Hello everyone... It is good to be home from Myrtle Beach... Our weather the last couple days is nicer than it was any day there.. although we are in for a expected change in our weather... As you all know when you return home from traveling you are in need of a different kind of pampering as you play catch up..... I am back to trying to finish my decorating and hope to have completed all my early next week... I am about to move decorating into our recreation room in the basement of our home.... I wanted to catch up with all my blogger friends and do a short post ... This weekend is the Christmas Open House of the Red Barn where I have some Paper Doll ornaments and I also have to place some Paper Doll ornaments on ebay the next couple days... Its like... breathe.... and decide what to do next......Well it's time to skate into my next thing in line to do...... Will post again soon and share some Christmas photos with you.....


Myrna said...

Welcome Back Marietta! I missed you! Hope you had a wonderful/relaxing time.
I look forward to your posts again!

kathy said...

Glad you are back -- Missed your posts -- CAn't wait to see all your creations -- KAthy - GA