Monday, February 23, 2009

Blogging.. A Special Gift To Go

Blogging... A Special Gift To Go... I can come into your home and sit at different areas of your home and talk about our common problems, family and friends, crafts, and collections. Maybe never completely solve them, as I am no brain, but just a friend... I think it is the most wonderful thing, blogging entwined in our family life , worry and woe can be shaken out ... and life's wear and tear can be hung out to fly. I think blogging for most of us has placed some change in our life and thank God I do not have to leave it behind. I can still have alittle of Dolly Parton in me and add some BLING to my blue jeans......


Joyce said...

I love this!!!! It is so true. Blogging has been the best thing for me - my problem is that I am soooo addicted!!!!!

Sandi said...

What a nice piece. I am glad I found blogging too , but it is very addictive! Are we supposed to do other things in our day too?? LOL