Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lovely Indulgences

I received my Victoria Magazine in the mail this morning and was leafing through it to see what I may find in it to be excitied about as I will take it to the bathtub tonight and soak in bath oils and bubbles and indulge in my favorite moments.
I noticed I will be in for a treat as they have a article on Vanity Fair. Beautiful pictures of Lady's boudoir. I love the indulgences of a Lady's vanity and beautiful antique and vintage collections setting in vignettes... Oh what a delight. I especially love old mirrors and perfume bottles and all kind of bling added in... The above picture shows one of my favorite vanity mirrors.... Another shows a antique box that I have added many old jewelry find to.... The frame I have pictured before is also crusted with old jewelry finds... not all in perfection but the look I love. Just love the look of sophisticated and chic all rolled into one...

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