Friday, February 20, 2009

Packing My Suit

Have a couple suits laying on bed to be packed in a seperate bag.... I do enjoy swimming in a pool and always get anxious when it nears time for us to open our back yard pool up for the season and take that first chilly dip.... Hopefully it will not be a chilly dip when we arrive at our destination... Oh well... there is always the hot tub... Oh my the thought of that right now sounds like a dream.... I guess I will just have to endulge in another oil bath before attending the Tinora boys basketball game.... this evening. I so enjoyed my Victoria magazine last evening while relazing in hot yummy oils.....

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kathy said...

Have a wonderful trip sounds delightful ! love your sweet bunny decorations -- still looking at valentines here -
"KRAZY " Computer change overs with yahoo all day yesterday - so no blog stopovers to my bloggy friends Kathy - ga