Thursday, February 12, 2009


As the calendar days are passing on I feel the need to wisk away all my dark linens and cloths and touches of dark accents and once again are placing the blossoms and china with the bursts of soft pinks and whites and cremes. What better way to kindle the spirit than the addition of pleasing soft spring colors... As I have not spend any money on any decorating object I will be digging through my stash and using it in different places in my home. I usually would have purchased a couple vintage pieces for eye candy but have refrained from this for months.... The extra meds and the economy have made me really tighten my belt so tight it hurts, but a person gotta do what a persons gotta do... When I look around I find it very hard to feel sorry for myself however as I have more than any person should want for... It certainly is not a need... only a want . I will just continue to go through some stored items and make a few changes with what I already have....
The " Here comes Peter Cottontail " season I will only be decorating with my 2 large glass cloches as we will only have a couple days to enjoy the decorations... I had purchased some sweet bunnies from one of my favorite ebay sellers last season and will use those and some eggies in the cloches....We will still have the laughter filled searches for hidden eggs and treats for the children however.... It is a day of surprises and --- all happy for them.....I am sure you will be able to find a pretty vintage bowl filled with confections for the older children also.

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Sandi said...

So pretty Marietta! I hear you on not spending too. When we went to our son's last weekend I was thrilled that I had a gift card from Christmas to use because the belt has tightened a lot here too! No more spending on pretties, but I am like you...I have plenty to just move around or haul out of storage. I was able to get some rubber stamps that were half off and some pretty pink flowers for tags etc. with my gift card. We are very blessed aren't we!