Friday, February 20, 2009

Seasons Bring Inspiration

As I sit and peer around my home it seems to be very winter-weary... I look at what seems to be hundreds of little found at flea markets and antique shops objects for decorating and making vignettes it seems I need to refresh my surrounding. I know upon my return from Florida I will want to open the windows and let the air saturate my home. To me spring is literally the air. I feel I can't accomplish the task until blossom by blossom the spring appears and the air comes through my home. Matching the satisfaction of spring... banishing all the dust from nooks and crannies... and rearranging all our little collections just in time for when the garden calls.... All this will soon be awaiting me and I am looking forward to the seasons inspiration....

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The Rustic Victorian said...

Beautiful post,beautiful treasures,too bad the dust falls,I was just wondering if I should write a note in my dust,its getting out of hand. there just seems to be more important things to do, than dust. I hope you are feeling good.