Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bobbin Light

I attended the Open House at The Red Barn this morning... I did purchase this bobbin lamp.. It is a large bobbin and the silicone bulb is for the regular size light socket. I did pay 20.00 for it but still did not think I could buy the bobbin.... the light fixture itself and the bulb I know to be about 4.00.... I added some lace and ribbons and a rhinestone earring to it to make it my own... it will be used for a night light ... I use several romantic soft shade bulbs in the evening for relaxing.... I also purchased some home-made noodles.... and I talked her into a old book for scrapbook pages.... I need to stay home now and go back to going through stored items and re- purpose them.... Have a wonderful weekend everyone.... Many blessings.


kana said...

I really love this idea...all the better with the pretty ribbons, lace and bling!! Thanks for sharing.

Leigh Ann said...

Love the Bobbin. Where is the Red Barn?