Sunday, April 26, 2009

Maid Off Duty

It is a gorgeous morning in our area today... I have just finished with my coffee and lazing around in my jammies yet.... I have decided to put all the work chores away for today and lay in the sun... and work on a couple fun things like reading or scrapping some tags ect.... I do have supper planned.. Beef roast and noodles... mashed potatoes and a veggie... hopefully served on the deck tonight..... Today I just want to return to a simpler time... sipping on a cold beverage for just the pleasure in a lovely romantic atmosphere of what I want to be the outdoor space today.... Today is mine.. Tom is over to the golf course already doing what he loves so this maid is declaring OFF DUTY today ... Hope you all can have some moments to yourself and do a special little something.... Enjoy..... PS. I stopped in to visit this morning and oh my is she dreaming of something wonderful... You need to stop by and view her dream of a swing... You would just never leave....


Becky said...

Ahhh how nice of you to mention my blog! I think you have the right idea for the day! I think we all should declare a Maids day off! lol
Oh yeah, I love your beautiful china fountain too. I saw something like that in MT Dora and they used tea pots and creamers. But I love the softness of your pretty rose dishes!!
Have a great day relaxin'
Enjoy your dinner on the deck tonight.

kathy said...

Girl , oh a lovely day all to yourself -- Love all the beautiful chimes and the china fountain -
Need a little Sunday nap after a full day at church and a delightful meal at a New Greek Restaurant --best food ever --
am addicted to it -- Kathy - ga

Sandi said...

Hi Marietta,
Boy I could sure use some rest and relaxation about right now. I am so tired. Need some time to rest and just be.