Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time For Easter Shopping List

It is going to be Easter week and I haven't completed a Easter shopping list... I have decided I am not going to serve a full Easter meal this year... A luscious ham will be placed in the oven however for a delicious meat.. My mother always use to tell me to put on my Thinkin'Cap.....well I need to do that now .... The families will be coming... maybe not at all one time so sandwiches and several dishes may be the answer.... Will be checking the 7 day forecast to see if a eggie hunt outside may be possible.... Will be interesting to read other posts and see how you all celebrate your holiday with family and the favorites you love to do as a family... To be continued....


kathy said...

Girl you are getting busy , quickly Kathy - ga

Leigh Ann said...

Ham sounds like a wonderful start! Followed your Tinora Rams, they had an impresive year! I heard the forecast for this Tuesday....SNOW, ugh. Talked to a farmer at church this am who was thankful the heavy snow was coming, said his wheat was up to early and this snow will help pack the wheat back down. I guess I can trudge through the snow one more time if it is helpful to our farmers here in Def. and Henry counties!:)
Leigh Ann