Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What About The Guys?

I have been viewing many of my magazines and many blogs and noticing almost all I really love is a very "GIRLY" home... My style is vintage,romantic, shabby, antique, cottage... with a twist of Victorian... Luckily Tom is pretty easy going about what surrounds him... but thinking of it I may have pushed the button with having vintage hats.. perfume bottles.. Victorian beaded purses.... and many other objects of interest in the living and dining space.... I really must keep in mind that he needs also to be comfortable here... I so love pink roses and love the homes that have them in every room but I also know I can use them ... but must try to keep it subdued... Just love the look of whites and pinks but it is just not guy thing... I do like using lattes and aged tea stained looking colors ... Believe it make it not so "girly" for the guys... Thank goodness the poor man does have a area downstairs where he doesn't have to cross his legs ad have tea all the time..He can pop a beer or have a drink and have some pop corn that doesn't always hit the mouth... With summer coming ..I hope..I hope... I hope.. we have a outdoor decks and yards very comfy for guys also. I believe in most cases the woman decorates to her liking but I have seen several cases some ladies do not have that. This would be a slight .. big ..problem for me coming from a designing background... I feel the need for something somewhat different. Certainly this doesn't work for all. With vision and passion... a inspiring object is made from something old. I personally love it when I can add charm and personality from CHEAP.. It is wonderful to find a castaway... BUT I must remember to keep it to the point that I personally don't become the CASTAWAY..... as I am not the only one dwelling here......

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Sandi said...

Hi Marietta,
That is sure food for thought. I do have some pink, but not near as much as I used to. Our living room has progressed to the more french style of creams,and browns etc. so that is a good thing for him! My hubby does not complain too much about anything...well come to think of it, I was talking about painting a piece of furniture white and he nipped that right away. LOL But he comes from a cabiner builder background so I understand.