Friday, May 1, 2009

Additional Pages

It is all about the details that makes scrappy pages so much fun to create..They are so blissfully simple...Love the charm of old but distinguished.... would love to work with more paper but they are very hard to find in or area or I just don't know where they are hiding.... Old book pages are found quite easily but vintage wallpaper isn't... I would love to pack my pages with allot more millinery but I can't be too generous as my supply is limited at this point. I will be searching to enhance my supply this summer.....I hope to fill nooks and crannies and cubbyholes all with laces... ribbon rolls and post cards and papers.... In my eyes ...all these items have a beauty and enticement to it just thinking and dreaming how to use it. And how sweet the gift of giving the gift of creativity willingly with others... I think this is so true no matter where your talent lies... it may be in baking.. making wonderful desserts... noodles...sewing... whatever you have a blessing for... share it with others....


Coleen said...

just beeeee-u-tiful!!!

Heart Hugs,

Myrna said...

Hi Marietta!
Oooh! I am LOVING your 'scrap paper cards' and the paper bag you think you could do a tutorial on the paper bag card? I'm confused on how to make it...
I love all your little original touches you add to everything to make it that much more special!
I'm sorry I haven't commented in awhile...thing's going on and hadn't been feeling very 'chatty' if ya get my drift. Please know I pray for you and happy to see you're creating!!

Anonymous said...