Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lux and Glam

I find it truly amazing how I personally love LUX and GLAM and CHIPPY and RUSTY all rolled into one. My loves have changed so drastically through the years... For instance... the look of tarnished silver pieces... years past I would have spent hours to polish them to a brilliant shine and now I wouldn't think of touching them... in fact I am disappointed if they have too much of a shine to them. If a lovely plate had a chip I would have disposed of it but now I would display it proudly and admire it's endurance...... I think for many now-a-days ... we are loving objects that are timeless... The GLAM of these objects are a CHIC MIX.... it is so easy to achieve this look and appeal... A small sample would be a lovely vintage celery or serving dish used in a bath area as a soap dish.... We spend allot of time in these spaces, why not place beautiful things in there... another hint... there should never be a room in your home that you do not use. Make it a room you would love instead... "STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART" { Gosh I love that movie} and make it yours... Treat yourself to something special... You be dazzled and not disappointed.. Forget footprints of the past and open a new doorway to objects awaiting to be discovered....

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