Friday, May 8, 2009

Mixed Scramble Night At Golf Course

I am getting around as tonight is couple scramble night at the golf course... In case you are not a golfer that is a man and a woman team plays another team... We all meet at the golf course and draw cards for our other couple... We team up and try to beat the other foursome team score... They pay a couple places for winners and also skins..... It is only 9 holes and best ball out of the four hits. Then we go in the club house and have some beverages of choice and they serve dinners.... They have started their Fish Fry's now and the fish is very good.... It is open to the public .... they are usually pretty much done eating and then all the couples who have played golf come in and pretty much take over the club house... They have KENO you can play a few games if you wish... I usually play a couple games and chat..... It is a good time..... And that is how I will pretty much be spending every Friday night through summer now..... Hope you all have a pleasant evening planned also. Enjoy...

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kathy said...

Marietta , your energy amazes me -- I need some to get things done !!-
Have a great time --Love all the things yu are showing -- I love silver pieces and have tea related items also -- kathy -ga