Monday, May 4, 2009

Spending Wonderful Time

I was off to the greenhouse this morning to start purchasing my plants for planting in my garden areas... I love so many unusual plants but as I have learned I can't have some of them here... They just don't do well in our soil. I know it seems rather boring but the Wave petunias just do wonderful here and I have been using allot of them over the past couple years... I have placed myself on a budget this year. One half of what I spent last year... I had purchased several perennials last year and just cannot spend as much this year. I travels past homes that must spends thousands when I look at what they have compared to what I have.... Last year I spend 450.00 and thought that was allot and I don't even have a real garden... just planting areas.... I do so love caring for them however and it does take time..... Well 175.00 is in the ground... I did some digging this morning and thought I had best quit as I have womens golf league and my parnter may appreciate it if I can at least bend over to pick up my ball... let alone swing the club.... I get so excited about planting that I always over do the first day or so.... I plan on driving to town and getting more plants tomorrow morning again... My partner and I play against Tom's daughter Trish and her partner Jean... They aren't 40 years yet and here come this 68 year old and her partner in her early 60's to challenge them.... GULP...... We'll give it our best shot.... well if we crash and burn it is a great way to stay in good with the daughter, right???? To be continued.......

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Sandi said...

Hi Marietta,
I know flowers can really add up fast can't they. I had saved my coins for flowers and cashed them in last week and had $105.00! YAY! I always get two hanging geraniums and a fern for my front porch. There goes about $55 or so , but I just love them! I haven't had the chance to go greenhouse hopping yet, but soon.
I am painting today and tomorrow so I can get everything put back before my little one comes on Wednesday.