Sunday, June 28, 2009


Do we really realize how fortunate we are to be living in our times and not the times of the lady of the past as pictured above. We ourselves can control what we want our life's to be. Express yourself in what you choose to do. Indeed we live in interesting times. As our world today travels at a fast pace, we still have many choices. We also may choose to refreshingly slow down and enjoy all simple pleasures as in the past. We may choose to listen to soft classical music rather than our computer screen or walking instead of getting in the fast lane. I personally choose the soft music some moments and the computer much of the time, all giving me choices. We need to remember.... choices are ours. We can have pieces of the dreams of the past in our modern day, but still do it the old-fashion way if desired. If we take time to appreciate all we have available today we truly can have incredible things at our fingertips. We are so very blessed. Some of our favorite words today in our blogging posts seem to be ... Simple... old-fashion... treasures... all small things are in our lives. Why do we find our self's longing for so much more? Want no more. Life is short... Start embellishing our hearts and home with all things precious. It's like the difference of COTTAGES or CASTLES. Take what you have and have a passionate attitude to enjoy. In my senior years, some may call me "old-fashion". Maybe but I possess some of the images of my grandmother and mother but maybe with a different twist. I have learned to love and accept some things shouldn't be disposable and that the "TRUE" value many times have nothing to do with MONEY. Not spending... let's me place value on what is truly important, like living in our time and enjoying what's available to us. It is a dose of simple wisdom and allows a happy, harmonious life.

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