Monday, June 29, 2009

Fly A Kite

From my house to yours.... whether you live in a Malibu dream home or a simple country home like ours.... we all have one thought in common. We all strive to have comfort in mind. This can mean different things to us. Comfort to some means having all things of luxury.{ Little robots to wait on us} Well for me that means I best get my own"BOT" moving cause there's nothing mechanical here. Comfort for me means cozy furniture, surrounded by objects I love, and oh the smell of something wonderful cooking or baking in the kitchen and the aroma spilling throughout the home. When friends and family stop by you always have something to share with them, besides your comfy home and conversation. In a earlier post I mentioned about being happiest at home. Since we have the luxury of staying on our own property we are so very free to soak up sights and sounds at our leisure. My home lately has laughter and slashes of children enjoying their summer freedom. We can learn from a child and enjoy things that already surround you. Remember the term " GO FLY A KITE" ??? Maybe we should. Do you remember how fun it is to have that kite flying freely through the skies?

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