Thursday, June 11, 2009

Picture Hat , My Umbrella

I wonder if this lovely picture hat can also serve as a umbrealla as we are once again receiving rain... If we could only control when we get our rain showers... One moment we have too much and then next we are praying for rain. I have mentioned in many of my posts how our area in Ohio has not been a good start to our summer season. Many sad farmers faces in our area as alot of them are having to replant their crops. We again are included in them. Last year we had large losses due to the lack of rain and this spring we are off to loss due to too mucht rain crusting the seeds in the ground and not coming up. We are very small , but many are planting large amount of acres... The cost will really hurt the profits... It is not only the car industry who have many problems but I am sure there will be NO bail out, even those these poor people did things right..... The up side is after we get through today we are suppose to have a week or so of better weather. Hopefully it will make everyone in a more up beat mood.... There just is so much worry and confusion in our world today it is very difficult to stay focused on the wonderful blessing we do have in life ..... I know Tom and I have many and they do outweigh the negatives but somehow the negatives always seem to get the strong hold .....
I have been reading allot of blogs have been setting up for booths and flea markets ect. I know personally I have stopped my buying of which I have also mentioned in past posts.... I was just wondering if the markets are still doing as well as in the past. I suppose you still have the families who may have not been hurt by the economy but I don't believe I personally know anyone who hasn't made some changes in the way of living. I know I really think it over as to WANT or NEED and almost every time can set it back down and walk away.... I do not do this at the grocery store however... I feel we deserve to eat well if I am willing to give up the other wants.... besides that I really love food. Hope all you out there are having a good day and I wonder if others are having feelings such as mine... It's like a small battle with yourself.


Cottage Panache Antqs Blog said...

Marietta, you are not alone in your feelings! I am in The Great State of Texas and we too are feeling it, even with all that Texas has going for it! I don't quite understand how a bank can take money to bail themselves out but only to raise all of the fees for the little people (their customers)!! If we wanted to borrow money to invest in our small businesses, I doubt that they would extend their hand.
I have a small antique shop in Richland Hills and have been in business for almost 18 months. If anyone had told me that I was making a business change during a recession...I may have waited! It is a daily struggle with some days better than others...asking myself whether I should quit and "GET A REAL JOB" but I carry on trying to make every moment worth continuing to do what is my heart's desire! One of my favorite quotes, is "This Too Will Pass" ad I believe it will and we just can't cave and give up on our dreams.
Hang in there and don't give shops opening and dealers setting up new spaces in new malls and such, just tells me that there are alot of fighters like us out there and it's gonna take more than a recession to make us fall!
The lady with the umbrella hat looks like a flower bursting onto a scene and probably was taken in the middle of that recession. Just another ray of sunshine herself!
Have a wonderful day
Adieu, Maureen

Diana Cohen said...

Your blog has been a true joy to wander through. I love all the vintage images you share.

Thank you

Sandi said...

Same sentiments here definitely. Just thankful every day that hubby has a job and praying he will continue to have one. Taking it one day at a time.
Boy did we get rain! I have never had mildew on my white phlox before in all the years I have grown them and I have it all over them this year. I am sure it is because of just too much moisture. Hoping for dry weather soon!

kathy said...

Hey girl -- same sentiments here -- Lots are hurting -- I am old enough to remember our lean years -- but don't remember feeling hopeless - or that I was missing something -- Many years of plenty now -- And am thankful - But we too are conserving -- I have so many things put back to create with - true abundance - but get the itch to look for new treasures -- But smarter and wiser now, so try not to give in -- Who knows the future ? -- only GOD -- and truly , you and I and many of our bloggy friends --know what brings about happiness-- God , family and friends -- everything else is just stuff --
Can't wait to see your garden in bloom -Kathy - ga ♥