Sunday, June 28, 2009

Plan Your Own Leisure Time

Need a break? It would be a shame to deprive yourself of a lovely time due to lack of funds in our time of the economy crunch. With a desire .... you can have lovely... get-a-ways... right in in our own space. With my thoughts I am always happiest when spending time at home... Why not plan a couple get-a-ways for you upcoming week? It would be so very easy to make your home become a signature inn. We can start by planning a lush, but peaceful afternoon with adding a lovely table cloth to dine on and bring pillows from indoors,outdoors , if your don't have pillows for the outside space. Plan a lovely lunch...{ if you don't want to spend time in the kitchen then purchase chicken salad and prepared fruits and lovely desserts from your local deli. Sherbets are always a great summer addition.} The key is to make your time special with the use of lovely china{ let those paper plates in the cupboards, ladies.} and lovely stemmed china glasses to serve beverages. With the use of these you have set a lovely lush setting, and even though you are outdoors, add a couple candles enclosed by glass to insure flames with keep flickering, for added ambiance. A few blooms trimmed from garden or shrubs are always a perfect touch. Write on paper your plan and start to execute the day before so your day will be quiet and to perfection. Your whole day can be spent by adding special touches... A breakfast brunch with a lovely tea service- a cup of fruit in a lovely dessert dish... a simple bagel or muffin with cream cheese or a selection of sweet rolls or coffee cake.... followed by conversation... reading a book or magazine... hum making eyes heavy for closing for a nap or just dreaming, and thinking of the things you love. When planning this for myself I will be using vintage vision as I love using all objects mis-matched.... I will always have pink roses included somewhere. If you are not lucky enough to have a pool. do remember to include peaceful moments spent in a bath tub however. You can achieve this by adding a couple stems of flowers and flickering candles .. using your very best plush towels and wonderful bath oils, another magazine and very soft music adds perfect touches. Maybe you would like to share the tub... I don't share... It's all mine.....
If you want to have the feel of being at a bed and breakfast for the weekend/ use all the charms of your home and belongings. Cherished china , crystal and lace and those chandeliers and candles for casting a romantic glow.
Bedrooms with a couple buds... a lovely beverage... a good book or movie... and of course fresh crisp bedding sprayed with some linen scent... lavender... my choice Are you starting to get the idea and getting eager to have your get-a-way. Wouldn't this be a lovely plan for your loved one to enjoy when arriving home... My only suggestion when including a television would be to make it a purchased movie to be enjoyed by two and {NOTHING WITH A REMOTE}.
The time you want to spend or have available to spend can be of your choice. I usually like to have 5 or 6 hours at least. I assure you it will happen a couple times this week over the Fourth of July holiday. The 5th of July is taken with playing a mixed couples scramble and a lunch but we will be coming home for a wonderful cool off by jumping in the pool.
PS.{Planning a private holiday is out for today as my son just called and said they would be coming over later this afternoon. He wants to show me his hand that the doctor took the stitches out as he wants me to see how it is all pinned together... Oh, I am not so sure about this.} I may need the time plan soon. I hope I have inspired you all to do something special for yourself and enjoy the simple things and make them elegant and special... This makes lasting memories.... Enjoy Life.


Sandi said...

Oh Marietta...this sounds divine! I must take time to do this. My 10 year old granddaughter just arrived today for a few days so we need to do something special.

LOVE your roses sign! AND I have some mismatched dishes like your plate underneath your cake stand. Everything is just lovely!
How is your son doing??

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Quite good timing for me to read this!
We have just one kid home for the night tonight.
And I thought I may cook a special dinner with candles on the table and all the nice things.
But It all must come from my pantry and stores as I am not heading out to the Grocery store.
Hmmmm?? Wonder what I can pull together.
I will have my littliest as a Helper (not) Too!!