Sunday, June 21, 2009

Private World Of Retreat

"For without the private world of retreat... one becomes
virtually a unbalanced creature"
Elenor McMillen Brown

I do believe we all come to moments when we are in the need of time alone... maybe time for quiet moments with pen in hand to add our thoughts to paper. A wonderful book or magazine to refresh our minds thoughts. We should not feel guilty about these needs, but rather embrace them. Our Friends and family will also benefit from this time as we become a much happier person from taking this blissful solitude, without interruptions. Taking moments for own well-being will make us renewed and transformed. Take it, enjoy it, and use it wisely. Ever think of giving a friend a gift of a free day. Covering for them... A free day to a loved one or a friend, whatever we choose, make it rich, and wonderful.... This is my wish for each of you.....


Sandi said...

SO so true Marietta! I always feel refreshed and renewed after some time alone. Hope you are having a good day today.

miss gracies house said...

*Most* of the time I do love my time alone-outside in my little shop. Well said. Thank you so much for youir kind words of encouragement and prayers. I see you are going through a time of your own. Life is such a challenge...such an opportunity...such a test in faith.
Take care my friend,