Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Daze

Today the temperature in our area is suppose to act like Fourth of July Skyrockets..... I think I will be choosing to lay around with book in one hand and float around in the crystal water of the pool with a ice cold lemonade accompanying in the other hand. I know I am going to pamper myself and take it easy.... I do not personally take heat very well.....and don't feel I need to push so very hard anymore. This is one of the good things about retirement, but please don't wish your life away as being younger and having to work is a good thing.... On days such as this I can meditate and find to keep someone special in my thought and prayers.... Oh no... I just realized I don't have chocolate's.


Sandi said...

Lounge around in that pool for me too Marietta! We used to have a pool , but ended up selling it because at the time no one wanted to help keep it clean. It would be nice to have now that I am old! LOL

Farm Field Primitives said...

Your chocolates would just melt!! Unlies, of course, you could get Tom to run them out to you straight from the frigde!! I have to chuckle at your photos. Can you imagine lounging around in a hammock in a dress like that!! Glad times have changed.
Enjoy your lazy day!!


The Jeweled Postcard said...

Thanks for visiting my blog with your suggestion of Old Postcards! I do have about 20 post cards from my Dad dating as far back as 1898. So yes, that is a cool idea and I think I need to hit my sister up for more! She just happened to be at Dad's one day and he was going to throw them away, YIKES! She's being just a wee stingy with them, lol! candice (I'll be thinking of you in your pool)