Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sweet Yesteryears

I do so hope my children can say they had sweet yesteryear's. I love my memories of times past but also very much enjoy living in modern day as I stated in a earlier post a day or so ago. Time kissed treasures are surrounding me on a daily basis, but laptops and flat screens are also our joys, they just mingle in with the lovely objects of the past. Photos of lady's in pretty hats, beads and crystals,silver, laces, ribbons, vintage jewelry and rhinestones,vintage gloves are just a sampling of sweet yesteryear's that surround me. All these sweet remembrances, some with stories, some I don't know their stories. It is really neat when we can go to the antique shops and purchase old photos of people we love for their style of clothing or a lovely hair style or a antique brooch they have on in the photo.... and so for a couple bucks we can upgrade our families, all you have to do is display them... as you wonder who these people were, you imagine... he is tall and humble... she was very beautiful and a loving wife to her husband or ahhhh this one was definitely a spinster.... we can have a very distinguished family surrounding us cause we choose them to be part of our family. How fun... As days with their burdens has departed and twilight descends... the reign of rest is upon us... then we begin the process all over again causing the passing of Sweet Yesteryear's...

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The Victorian Parlor said...

I love finding and displaying antique photos found in antiques shops. We call them 'instant relatives':).