Monday, July 6, 2009

Living A Beautiful Life

Take a few steps backward and look at the atmosphere we surround ourselves in. Is it orderly and attractive? Not only to you, but the others that dwell in your home or come for a visit... Do you find yourself having to apologize for the state your in? We do need to work hard keeping things orderly to create an ambiance. Remember "water" cleans the soul, lifts the spirit, we emerge rejuvenated, refreshed clean and ready to begin again.
Many times we become over-whelmed by all our dullness and work in our daily routines... that need to be accomplished during the day. We have to try hard to maintain the ordinary, otherwise our spirit becomes broken and we become depressed. When surrounding yourself with things we love, it seems to make our daily task easier and when we are caring for things we love, and certainly no one wants to fade into insignificance.
It is a must to maintain order: the richer our private live becomes the greater our self-esteem, and the greater our self-esteem, the more we have to offer to others. Remember.... " A friend is a present you give to yourself" as quoted by Robert Louis Stevenson.... "No one of this happens without making a effort...
Love of family, home, work, crafts, garden, decorating, cooking, and many others are all chores of most women. We all want to be able to offer the same feeling that we feel when someone expresses warm feelings and welcomes us into their lovely home out of the blue.... If we are collectors and our passion is going to auctions, shoppes, flea markets, ect. as many of us do, we clearly must make a effort that we are NOT just bringing these objects home and stacking and stock piling them. This not only makes ours homes become a place of disorganization but creates it in our lives. We need to reinforce strongly our need to care so that excellence and quality are maintained to truly enjoy the moments of our daily life.
This is the true way of " appreciation " and enjoyment of what you have... Remember your daily rituals define you, your family and friends, bring elegance, order, beauty, and joy to your life.
When writing these post I can't help but think about Paula Deen.... I so loved her book "IT AIN'T ALL ABOUT THE COOKIN". When you see Paula just having a great time, cookin, laughin, and dressed in lovely clothes, you would not have a clue of what this lady and her sons have came through to be where they are now in life. If you have not already read this book, I think it is a must... I have drawn inspiration from the book many times as I found I could identify with many events in her life. Paula is very courageously honest and very inspiring and yes, "SAUCY" about the highs and lows in her life. Take time to read this book in your daily ritual of everyday life. You will be glad you did.


Pres├ępio no Canal said...

Hello Marietta :)

I am Sandra, a portuguese living in the Netherlands.
I am a follower of your beuatiful blog :)
What you wrote in this post it is so TRUE!!!
And thank you for the sound of the birds ;) Lovely!!
My blog is
I love History, Travels and Fotograph.
You are very welcoming to visit it :)
I never been in USA, but I was in UK last June (York, Windsor and Edimburgh). I love it!Mostly the Victorian Street in York Castle Museum.
If you want to see the fotos, look for the label "United Kingdom":)
Thank you for your beautiful writing :)


SharDon Exclusives said...

Marietta, what a lovely post & so much truth! Thank you for reminding us to live in the moment & to be thankful for our gift of life....Sharon

The Victorian Parlor said...

I agree! I actually enjoy cleaning and organizing the house (except for the bathtub-I would pay someone to clean the tub-it's too hard on my back:). All of the lovely treasures that I find on my antiquing and thrifting sprees are put to use. I believe in using the good china and taking the time to brew loose leaf teas. This post is great! I hope that others will follow what you have said and live a beautiful life:).