Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh My Gosh... The Mood Was Romantic

Yesterday I was just rather dumpy and suffering from " happy feet" and thought I just need to go antiquing... I have been denying myself doing what I love most due to high prescription costs, but opps.... I went anyways. I had been looking and had a couple small items in my hands... a antique collar... { I thought it would make pretty embellishment for a pillow} a vintage hat.... and a vintage perfume bottle.... all under 25.00 and feeling very proud of myself....but... I proceeded over to the area where the " GOOD STUFF" is located... glass displays under lock and key... The mood for the romantic and the story unfolds.... A very elegant Victorian beaded purse reflected right into my eyes... Knowing the charming piece of the past was not going to be budget friendly but looking much more beautiful than a bottle of pills... I hesitated... but the magic of the purse won me over... Taking a deep breathe I said " I'll take it if you will offer me 25% off the lovely piece of time past".... He hesitated and then agreed the piece was going home with me.... I may purchased one of these a year. The lovely effortless mix of beaded purses I have displayed in my home seem to work well with all the vintage. Intricate work of a beaded or mesh purse just arouses my fancy. I have inserted small slips of paper inside each of my collected purses with the value to ensure they do not end up at a garage sale for a buck, in case I am the only one who loves them. I am hoping my daughter will come to love them as much as I do. I do so love gathering luxurious elements and objects from another era.... It becomes a exciting journey of discovery...... I have to stay home for awhile now... hum quite awhile...Backyard here I come......All is well, I love it there too.

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Sandi said...

What lovely finds Marietta!! We all need a day away once in a while and I am glad you took it and had a fun time.
Did you by any chance go to the antique mall in Archbold? I know they have lots of pretty things there. One of my favorite places!!